Monday, 17 January 2011

Found a Magnet?

Welcome to Light Bite.
We've 118 artists exhibiting over 250 magnets on the streets of Nottingham.
If you've just found a magnet then please click on the link to your right. This will lead you to an album of artworks. Match the number on your magnet with the image and you've found your artist.
Find out more about your artists by viewing the 'Artists' page above. Most have a link to their websites.
If you want more information about artists or the project in general, then email me - Alban Low at
our next event will be the Brighton Open - if you want to collect more magnetic artworks or contribute yourself.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A few Bites left.

We've reached our 213th entry so far, so still a few spaces left until we fill the 250, so plenty of room.
The deadline is Friday 14th January but we're operating a first come-first served system.
If you're thinking of sending in work, have a look at the submit work page above, it has all the details.
Left is 'The Angler Fish' from Texas artist Laurence Fairchild.
Look forward to receiving your images,

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Light Bite 2011 - Get Involved

With less than 10 days to go to the deadline we've reached our 150th entry with Ed Arantus' Choc Blob (left).
Please keep sending them to us and join the exhibition.
View the submit work page above to see how to enter.
Remember we're operating a first come - first served basis and the deadline (If we've still got spaces) is 14th January (Midnight).
Any questions please email me at
Look forward to seeing your work,

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Light Bite, Get Involved

Its not too late to get involved with the Light Bite exhibition. As of today we've filled up 87 of the 250 places available. View the submit work page above to find out details how to enter your work.
Just remember we're operating a first come-first served basis and the deadline (If we've still got spaces) is January 14th 2011.
Any questions, contact me - Alban Low at
Look forward to seeing your work,

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Get Involved! Light Bite 2011

Get involved with Nottingham's Light Night Festival by submitting an artwork to our exhibition on the City Centre's Lamp posts.

Details on our Submit work page above

Or search and find our colourful magnets on the night, pick them up and take them home.

email me Alban at
for more information.

Deadline for submissions is 14th January 2011

Monday, 11 October 2010

Submit to Light Bite 2011

Exhibit with us as part of the Light Night Festival in Nottingham.
This February 18th we're going to exhibiting our magnetic artworks on the street lamps of Nottingham City Centre.
Send me an image (jpeg) that responds to the title 'Light Bite' by January 14th 2011.
The image needs to be in a 4:3 ratio
Your image will be printed twice. One copy goes to yourself and one copy will be exhibited in Nottingham. The magnetic artworks will be free for the public to pick up and take home.
Email me your images and more information at
To the right view the other exhibitions we've organised in City Centre locations.
Alban Low